Highlights: President Xi gives 2022 New Year Address
Updated 22:57, 31-Dec-2021

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered his 2022 New Year Address on Friday.

Here are the highlights of his speech.

China on a new journey to build a modern socialist country

The past year has been a year of exceptional significance, Xi said at the beginning of his speech.

At the historical convergence of the Two Centenary Goals, China has set out on a new journey of building a modern socialist country in all respects and is making confident strides on the path toward the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, he said.

Realization of a moderately prosperous society a contribution to the world

China's realization of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and elimination of extreme poverty is what the CPC has delivered to our people, and it is also a contribution to the world, said Xi.

"The concerns of the people are what I always care about, and the aspirations of the people are what I always strive for," said the president.

'If we do not fail nature, nature shall never fail us'

"A Yellow River well harnessed is a millennia-long aspiration of the Chinese people," Xi said in his speech while recounting his visits to all nine provinces or autonomous regions on the upper, middle and lower streams of the Yellow River.

"If we do not fail nature, nature shall never fail us," he said.

Complete reunification an aspiration shared by both sides of Taiwan Straits

The complete reunification of our motherland is an aspiration shared by people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, Xi said.

He called for unity and concerted efforts to ensure sound implementation of One Country, Two Systems in the long run.

China provides 2 billion COVID-19 vaccines doses globally

China has provided two billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines to more than 120 countries and international organizations to date, Xi said.

"Only through unity, solidarity and cooperation can countries around the world write a new chapter in building a community with a shared future for mankind," he stressed.

China is ready to present a great Beijing Winter Olympics

As the world is turning its eyes to China for the upcoming Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Xi said China is ready.

"We will spare no effort to present a great Games to the world," he pledged.

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