Multiple wild giant pandas spotted in Sichuan nature reserve

Multiple wild giant pandas were spotted last month in the Tudiling Giant Panda Corridor in Maoxian County of northwest China's Sichuan Province, officials say.

The local management and protection station released rare footage of four healthy adult wild giant pandas roaming around from December 24-28 in Maoxian County of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture.

Experts said that although wild giant pandas usually live in high-altitude areas, a growing number of them are now migrating to lower altitudes such as the Tudiling Giant Panda Corridor due to an improved environment.

Previously, three wild giant pandas had been spotted on a stroll in the Giant Panda National Park in Maoxian County.

During winter, giant pandas tend to be most active around midday, which is why they have been captured on camera, according to researchers. 

(Cover image via CFP)

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