Freesias: A 'must-know' flower for perfume lovers
By Xu Chenlu

Many flowers are famous for their fragrance. Perfumes with flower fragrances are very popular among perfume lovers. Among the flowers that have different types of scent, the freesias from the iris family could be considered as celebrities, based on their fame.

Freesias are known for making perfume and wedding bouquets. Besides, they are also used as food plants for butterflies. It is also possible to smell their scent in hand creams and candles.

Freesia was named after a German botanist Friedrich Freese. It is native to southern Africa. Most species of freesias have fragrant narrowly funnel-shaped flowers with colors including white, yellow, red and pink. The flower usually blooms during winter and early spring, with some species blooming in autumn as well.

Freesias could be planted either indoors in pots or in gardens if the climate is mild. The plant prefers well-drained soil. Make sure to water it well and then put the pot in a cool, but frost-free place with a temperature around 5 degree Celsius. After the shoots appear, it could be moved to a warmer place. After that, water it regularly, but avoid over-watering. Apply some liquid fertilizers every half a month, then you can expect the fragrant flowers to produce.

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