16 law enforcement officers killed amid Kazakhstan unrest
Updated 14:53, 09-Jan-2022

Sixteen law enforcement officers have been killed and approximately 1,300 personnel were injured during the recent unrest in Kazakhstan, the country's Interior Ministry disclosed on Sunday.

Around 300 people were detained while attempting to cross the border in Kazakhstan from January 6 to 7, the ministry said, adding that more than 5,100 people were detained during the unrest this past week.

Units from the Russian peacekeeping contingent sent in to help stabilize the situation in Kazakhstan have started fulfilling their tasks to protect vital facilities, airfields and key social infrastructure facilities, Interfax news agency quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as saying on Sunday.

According to the report, a Russian airborne troop unit has been moving its peacekeeping forces troops to Kazakhstan around the clock.

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan's Civil Aviation Commission said 38 international flights will resume operation on Monday, with 24 flights departing and arriving at Nur-Sultan International Airport, including those to and from Tashkent, Moscow, Minsk, Dubai, Novosibirsk, Istanbul and Frankfurt.

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