China's new shipborne unmanned submersible system passes test

China's self-developed retraction and extension system of an shipborne unmanned submersible has successfully passed the standard test in the East China Sea, achieving a breakthrough in this field.

As a key project of China's Ministry of Science and Technology, the test aimed to evaluate the effects and functional indicators of the retraction and extension system of the shipborne unmanned submersible and its supporting docking devices.

In the water area near Zhejiang Province, test personnel used a variety of docking devices equipped with a gantry hoisting device to test the system under complicated sea conditions.

"This technique can effectively reduce the impact of waves and ship sway on the process of extending and retracting of unmanned submersibles under complex sea conditions, and greatly improve its safety and reliability," said Jiang Yuliang, general manager of the Nanjing Luzhou Machine Company under the China State Shipbuilding Corporation.

The system will be a great help in scientific research for the exploration of deep-sea mineral resources and marine life.

(Source: CCTV Plus)

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