Death toll rises to 10 from Brazil waterfall rock face collapse
Updated 09:07, 10-Jan-2022

Ten people died when a canyon rock face collapsed and fell on top of tourist boats visiting a waterfall in southeastern Brazil, rescuers said on Sunday.

The rock face broke away without warning from the canyon wall and crashed into Furnas Lake near Capitolio in Minas Gerais state.

Videos posted on social media showed tourists shouting as the column of rock smashed onto the boats and into the water. At least one wrecked boat sank, while others sped away.

Firefighters and divers recovered three more bodies from the lake on Sunday, raising the death toll to 10. Some 30 tourists sustained injuries from being hit by falling rocks and a huge wave of water that occurred when the column of rock crashed into the lake.

The people hurt in the accident had broken bones, and one person was in serious condition in the hospital with head and facial injuries.

The region has been under heavy rainfall for two weeks, which could have loosened the rock face. On Saturday, a dike overflowed at an iron ore mine 300 kilometers to the east, cutting off a major federal highway.

(With input from agencies.)

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