Beijing Winter Olympics medalists to receive hand-knit wool bouquets

Hand-knit wool bouquets will be presented to medal winners in lieu of traditional fresh flowers at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. The Olympic bouquet will consist of six wool flowers: rugosa rose, Chinese roses, lily of the valley, laurels, sweet osmanthus and olive branches, which represent friendship, perseverance, happiness, unity, victory, bounty and peace. The Paralympic Games bouquet will also feature cosmos, which symbolizes freedom and eternal happiness.

The wool bouquets will never wither, reflecting the Games' low-carbon concept. A total of 1,251 bouquets will be needed for the Olympics and Paralympics. It takes a weaver 20 minutes to make a rose petal and at least five hours for a whole rose. The traditional hand-knitting technique embodies the concept of holding a green Winter Olympics.

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