Central China's Yuzhou City in lockdown further guarantees daily supply
Wang Mengjie

It has been 10 days since Yuzhou in central China's Henan Province went into lockdown.

The government is working with private companies to make sure the prefecture-level city's one million or so residents have access to food and other daily necessities. 

Xuchang City, which has jurisdiction over Yuzhou, recorded 25 COVID-19 cases on Thursday, taking the total number of infections to 368 in the latest outbreak. 

"We have increased the number of suppliers from 80 to 110, and doubled the size of food reserves at warehouses," Chen Shifang, deputy director of Yuzhou Bureau of Commerce, said. 

"Since January 3, over 1,500 tonnes of fruits and vegetables, over 300 tonnes of grain and oil, and 170 tonnes of meat have been sent to residents to guarantee their needs," Chen continued.

Supermarkets are sending workers to collect food and daily necessities from warehouses and replenish their stocks.

"Every morning, I need to fetch goods for residents who placed orders the night before," Wang Xuan, a worker at Pang Donglai supermarket, told CGTN.

Wang said workers at the supermarket were divided into groups of about 10, and her group handled as many as 100 orders in one day.

Daily necessities, such as rice, flour, other types of grain, oil, and vegetables always top the list, she said. 

Upon receiving requests from residents, staff collect the goods from supermarkets, and deliver them to residents' communities. Community workers and volunteers then deliver them to residents' homes.

Following virus prevention policies, Wang said they disinfect the outer packaging of goods before delivery.

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