Farmers in SW China's Yunnan see bumper harvest in citrus fruit

Farmers in a town in southwest China's Yunnan Province bordering Myanmar have seen a bumper harvest this year of high-quality oranges that are selling well across China and abroad.

Longyang District in Baoshan City has ideal climate conditions for growing "gong gan," an orange-tangerine hybrid, and a seedless variety of orange. And locals have increasingly resorted to environmentally friendly methods for growing citrus fruit. This has paid off with large profits in the industry.

Currently, the region has more than 1,200 hectares of land growing citrus, generating an annual output of 140 million yuan (about $22 million). The fruit sells both at home and abroad, including as far as Beijing, Shanghai and southeast Asian countries.

With the approach of the Spring Festival, one of the the most important annual festivals in China, domestic demand has kept growing, with fruit often presented as gifts to relatives and friends during the festival.

The increase in demand has driven up the average price of citrus to about seven yuan (about $1) per kilogram. Top quality types are priced as high at 13 yuan (about $2) per kilogram.

(Cover image via CFP)

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