The love of winter sports

Zhang Jiahao, a 27-year-old Chinese man who was working as a baker five years ago, quit his job to pursue his dream of representing his country as a snowboarder in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. At an age when other snowboard competitors might be thinking about becoming a coach to the new generation, he has been travelling the world competing in qualifying events. What's the source of his determination? And what sacrifices has he made to pursue his remarkable dream? To find out, Dialogue invited Zhang Jiahao to tell us his story.

Olympic fever is growing as the Games get near. To hop on to this winter adventure express, we've also invited Billy Bai, a ski enthusiast and ski travel vlogger to join us here. So, what is a typical day for a ski travel vlogger? How does he view the world of ice and snow? And will the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympic Games increase the popularity of winter sports in China?

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