Beijing 2022: CGTN's international co-production 'One Dream' premieres

Just ahead of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, China Global Television Network (CGTN) and China International Television Corporation (CITVC) have co-produced the international cooperative convergence media program "One Dream". 

It focuses on six young winter sports athletes from China and Canada, who meet virtually and talk about their shared, one dream. The documentary will premiere on January 22, 2022, on CGTN's Big Story and the CGTN Documentary channel. It will also be shown by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and other major media platforms in North America and Europe during the 2022 Chinese Spring Festival.

Consisting of a 60-minute documentary and 12 short videos, the 'One Dream' series highlights the young athletes' outstanding sporting skills as well as their wishes, as they look to the future.  

In September last year, the Chinese and Canadian co-production teams sent film crews to Beijing and Shanghai in China, and Toronto and Calgary in Canada. They were charged with filming the young athletes in training and at home, with the aim of exploring the character of the youth from two quite different cultural backgrounds and revealing the spirit they share as aspiring athletes.  

Covering the sports of figure skating, short track speed skating and ice hockey, "One Dream" vividly describes how the six aspiring athletes from China and North America train, socialize and study. Interviews with the teenagers themselves, their parents and their coaches delve into their daily lives and explore the struggles they face.

Filmed from a unique global perspective, and directed and edited by a multinational team, the program is presented in multiple dimensions, ranging from highly personal human exchanges, to displays of elite sportsmanship. The theme throughout is the communication between the outstanding young Chinese and foreign athletes who (in describing their dreams to each other) reveal how the Olympic spirit guides them in their life and competition.

The Beijing Winter Olympics are fast approaching. This spectacular occasion is encouraging countless young winter sports enthusiasts around the world to commit themselves to the pursuit of excellence, and to dream. 'One Dream' is a contribution to the Beijing Winter Olympics and a gift to all teenagers with a sporting dream.

It will broadcast simultaneously on the CGTN Website, CCTV App, Weibo, Tencent, Bilibili, Ixigua Video, Tiktok, Kwai Video, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Let's all act now to fulfill our dreams!

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