Exclusive: CMG correspondent recalls moment of Tonga volcano eruption
Updated 23:21, 22-Jan-2022

"We just told everyone to move, to evacuate from our homes," CMG correspondent Marian Kupu told reporter Zhu Dan when she recalled the moment of Tonga volcano eruption. 

"Right a little bit after 5 p.m., that's when we heard the big explosion, and we knew right away that it was from the volcano. And after the big explosion, our ears ring, and it was so hard for us to hear anything," said Kupu. 

"Because we knew that the volcano was in the western side, that's the only thing in my mind, move inland or to the eastern side," Kupu added. 

Drinking water is what Tonga needs most at this moment, Kupu said, adding that some of the affected villages don't have access to running water.

Power outage was another urgent problem facing Tonga that Kupu mentioned. 

"Normally right now, we are living without electricity. It's normal for us to have our power down for an hour or a day or two days," she said.


"China has always been a good friend to us in Tonga," Kupu said while talking about China's donation.

On Wednesday, China delivered drinking water and food supplies to Tonga, which Tonga's Deputy Prime Minister Poasi Tei said was the first batch of emergency relief materials received by the Tongan government after the disaster.

The Red Cross Society of China has also donated a total of $100,000 of emergency cash aid to the country, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian confirmed on Thursday, adding China will continue to provide Tonga with cash and other disaster-relief materials.

"We know China will always be there for Tonga and the government," Kupu said. 


The correspondent also reported from the main road of Tonga's Nuku'alofa. 

"A week ago, this road was packed with vehicles driving away from Nuku'alofa to inland of Tonga," said Kupu from the scene.  


Stay tuned to her exclusive coverage from Nuku'alofa. 

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