AR panda's Beijing Winter Games highlights and medals


With the opening of one of the world's most spectacular sports events just days away, all eyes are now on Beijing, where the finest athletes on the planet are gearing up for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

But are you still unclear about what curling, biathlon or Nordic combined are? Are you confused about the differences between luge, skeleton and bobsleigh?

Well, CGTN's AI panda Xiaomo is at your service!

Powered by augmented reality (AR) technology and cameras capable of superimposing immersive images on your smartphone screen, Xiaomo and his friends offer a rookie's guide to all the major sports at the Beijing Olympics and demonstrate how each one works. You can interact directly with Xiaomo by gently tapping it.

That's not all. Xiaomo will also allow you to follow the latest medal count once competitions start.

And there are plenty more surprises in store. Come and check it out!

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