Shen Xue: Chinese pair skaters - gold medal hopefuls at Beijing 2022

As China welcomes the Lunar New Year of the Tiger, the Beijing Winter Olympics is around the corner. 12 years ago, in the last Year of the Tiger, Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo won China's first Olympic gold medal of the event in Vancouver. Could we see more gold in figure skating during Beijing 2022? Shen Xue, President of the Chinese Figure Skating Association, says in an interview with CGTN that it's a great honor for athletes to be able to participate in the Olympic Games here at their doorstep, and they will turn this pressure into motivation and strive to perform at their best in the games. The sports competition is full of suddenness and chance, every athlete will fight for the gold, and expectations are high for the Chinese team to secure gold medals in pairs skating.

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