CMG develops Ultra HD 4K Orbital Camera System for Winter Games
Wen Shunshun

China Media Group (CMG) has developed an Ultra HD 4K Orbital Camera System for the Winter Olympic Games at the National Speed Skating Oval which can move faster than the athletes taking part in the races.

In the speed skating competition, athletes can reach speeds of up to 18 meters per second, which is over 60 kilometers per hour. Top skaters can even reach 70 kilometers per hour, which requires real-time synchronization from the broadcast equipment. The camera, which is nicknamed "Cheetah," can reach 25 meters per second, which is 90 kilometers per hour. It can closely track athletes, and can also capture acceleration, deceleration and overtaking maneuvers. 

Zhao Wei, the head of the special equipment department of CMG, led his team to test the system, and following a long period of research and design, the camera was installed on the outermost side of the track, before it was approved by the International Olympic Committee Olympic Broadcasting Service Company. 

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