Celebrity chimp in China trims own nails, does laundry after observing keepers

An internet-famous chimpanzee in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality has once again wowed tourists and social media users alike after it was filmed trimming its own fingernails, just like humans.

The 22-year-old chimp named Yu Hui, who lives at the Chongqing Locajoy Theme Park, acquired the new skill after observing its keepers.

It is not the first time that Yu Hui has caught the eyes of the public. It was previously caught on camera washing its keeper's clothes, brushing teeth, as well as showing athletic skills, such as pushups, handstands and backflips.

"Compared with other chimpanzees, Yu Hui's abilities to learn and imitate are more prominent," said Zhang Lu, a keeper at the park.

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