Central government ensures medical supplies delivered to Hong Kong
Cao Chufeng
Residents queue outside a community vaccination center in Hong Kong, China, February 23, 2022. /CFP

Residents queue outside a community vaccination center in Hong Kong, China, February 23, 2022. /CFP

A work group set up by the central government to support Hong Kong's fight against a new coronavirus surge said it has been responding swiftly to prioritize requests and increase the flow of medical supplies to the city.

The group said they have received two separate requests from the city's authorities in the past week. 

Some members of the work group have been on 24-hour rotating shifts to coordinate medical supplies, and south China's Guangdong Province has opened two transport hubs to ensure round-the-clock deliveries.

The group said Hong Kong's first request on February 18 was over-fulfilled in just one day.

"Shenzhen has also opened its most convenient channel for deliveries. We guarantee the highest standards of quality. We use the best transportation equipment. All the medical supplies that Hong Kong needs on daily basis can be delivered in the quickest possible time," said He Yaqiong, the director of the Department of Consumer Goods Industry in the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Hong Kong has recently seen a sharp rise in COVID-19 infections. The city reported 8,674 positive cases on Wednesday, bringing the total number to 75,248.

The city's needs include N-95 face masks, protective suits, rapid test kits and traditional Chinese medicines such as Lianhua Qingwen capsules.

He said production capacity from the mainland can easily cover Hong Kong's needs.

"Hong Kong asked for three million pieces of the highest-quality N-95 face masks. Daily production capacities on the mainland are three million pieces. We can meet their demand in just one day, so I'd like to tell Hong Kong to please rest assured. Our capacity to produce medical supplies can fully meet the greatest needs of Hong Kong residents," said He.

The work group said 24 categories of medical supplies are being prepared for Hong Kong, and it is confident that authorities will meet the city's COVID-19 control needs.

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