The butterflies that 'live' forever
By Ding Qian

Liu Jinxia is a Chinese artist who makes art out of butterfly wings. As the world becomes more urban, there are fewer forests and fewer butterfly host plants, and there are fewer and fewer sightings of butterflies in the wild. Plus, the lifespan of butterflies is short, some only live up to two weeks. In order to preserve the beauty of the butterfly for a longer time and make more people aware of the importance of butterflies to the ecological balance, Liu collects dead butterflies and makes art with their wings. Let's check out the video to learn more about this special art. 

Video Director: Ding Qian

Cameras: Han Xu, Zhang Yao

Camera Assistants: Liu Wenxuan, Liu Yanjie

Video Editor: Ding Qian

(The cover image is designed by Du Chenxin)

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