Unboxing China: What's the legacy of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics?

Competitions, medals, flame, fireworks, and heart-melting moments of cheers, tears and hugs - the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics came to a close successfully in a magnanimous ceremony on February 20. The Olympic Flame may have been doused in Beijing, but its light still shines bright in the hearts of audiences around the world. So, what's the legacy that the Games have left to be passed down for years to come? In this episode of Unboxing China, CGTN's Liu Xiaoxian will unbox the legacy of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Scriptwriter: Liu Xiaoxian, Moosa Abbas

Camera: Yang Shengjie

Video editor: Liu Xiaoxian

Cover photo designer: Feng Yuan

Producer: Li Tianfu

Executive producer: Chen Ran

Supervisor: Zhang Shilei

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