Wang Yi: Your motherland will always have your back
Updated 19:09, 07-Mar-2022

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday that serving the people is the abiding commitment of the Chinese diplomatic service.

When asked about the evacuation of Chinese nationals from Ukraine, Wang said, "with everything we do, we will continue to show every one of our compatriots overseas that we stand with you at all times, wherever you may be, and your motherland will always have your back." 

China's diplomatic service will continue to put people first, provide a good service and defend the interests of compatriots overseas, Wang said.

The foreign minister also detailed three areas China's diplomatic service will focus on this year: "Developing a platform for smart consular services that can be easily accessed through mobile devices; building a system for the protection of Chinese nationals and interests overseas to provide more effective and timely safety and security support to our fellow Chinese abroad; and rolling out a plan to facilitate safe, healthy and convenient international trade."

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