Hong Kong deputy to NPC explains the system, history and future of HKSAR
By Li Jingjing

"We have more much democracy than before [the colonial period], we didn't have universal suffrage, and now our universal suffrage is given by China, the National People's Congress," Hong Kong SAR's deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC) Nick Chan Hiu-fung, said, rebutting the claim that the freedom in Hong Kong had been damaged. 

Chan, a lawyer, said in an interview with CGTN during the ongoing Two Sessions in Beijing that the description of China by many in the West as "a totalitarian state" represented a huge misunderstanding. 

As someone who has also lived and studied in the UK, Australia and the Chinese mainland, Chan values the unique system his hometown city Hong Kong has and seeks every opportunity as an NPC deputy to improve the livelihoods of Hong Kong people.  

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