CGTN's Music Voyage pays tribute to Beijing 2022 athletes with a new song

CGTN's innovative music project 'Music Voyage' saluted athletes with another truly international collaboration titled "Tiger's Eye" as the Beijing 2022 Games come to a close.  

The song was created with Music Voyage's Winter Olympic theme tune "Embrace," which was produced in a groundbreaking relay format by four musicians from around the world during a monthlong collaboration leading up to the opening of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.  

"Tiger's Eye" boasts the musical talent of three more international artists. British singer and songwriter Shaun Gibson wrote lyrics for his masterful adaption of "Embrace" while Katie Sky and James Lee provided powerful vocals.  

To pay tribute to the idea of sportsmanship demonstrated at the Beijing Games in this original song, Gibson traveled to the ski slopes of western China for a firsthand experience. British singer and songwriter Katie Sky, best known in China for her cover of "Big Fish," and American musician James Lee both expressed their excitement in working on a song that honors athletes from the Games.  

Music Voyage hopes "Tiger's Eye" embodies the Beijing 2022 motto: "Together for a shared future."  

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