No G20 member has the right to expel Russia: China's Foreign Ministry

Russia is an important member of the G20, and no member has the right to expel it, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Wednesday. 

He made the remarks when commenting on the question that the U.S. and its Western allies are assessing Russia's suitability to remain in the G20. 

The G20 is the premier forum for international economic cooperation, bringing together the world's major economies, Wang said. 

Highlighting that the global fight against COVID-19 is at a critical stage and the recovery of the world economy is weak, he said that the G20 has important responsibilities in leading the global fight against COVID-19, improving global economic governance and promoting steady recovery of the world economy. 

The G20 should practice true multilateralism, strengthen solidarity and cooperation, and work together to address prominent challenges in economy, finance and sustainable development, he said. 

China supports the Indonesian presidency in advancing G20 cooperation in all areas under the theme of "Recover Together, Recover Stronger" in accordance with the set agenda, he added. 

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