Chinese officials predict 6 to 8 storm surges this year

Six to eight storm surges caused by typhoons or cold fronts are likely to hit China this year, a report by the National Marine Environment Prediction Center said Thursday.

"We predict that there will be four to five disastrous typhoon storm surges across China this year and two to three disastrous temperate zone storm surges caused by cold waves along the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea coast," Fu Cifu, an associate research fellow of the center's storm surge prediction office, said. "This year, the most seriously affected areas are the coastal areas of the East China Sea. We call on people to guard against disasters."

The center also predicts that in 2022 there will be 36 to 40 disastrous wave processes in China's coastal waters.

The number of disastrous waves caused by typhoons is expected to be 13-15, with severe waves caused by cold air and cyclones 23-25.

"The main affected areas are China's eastern sea areas and southern sea areas. Processes of disastrous waves, with quite a powerful impact force, will cause great damages to coastal protection carriers and ships," said Xing Chuang, director of the wave prediction office of the center.

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