China calls for rationally examining root causes of the Ukraine issue

With the spillover effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict affecting the globe, there are still some rational voices saying that sanctions are not the way to end the war or establish a European security order, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a regular press briefing on Tuesday. 

Wang's remarks came in response to articles about the Russia-Ukraine conflict by European think tanks such as the European Policy Center and Carnegie Europe.

Noting that repairing the relationship with Russia, an unmovable neighbor to the European Union (EU), is the most pressing challenge currently facing the bloc, Wang said that EU leaders should listen to Russia's legitimate concerns since the principle of a European security order should be defined by European countries, including Russia.

To solve the Ukraine crisis, it is necessary to pay attention to the legitimate concerns and reasonable security interests of all the relevant parties, he said, adding that under the current situation, all parties should actively encourage and support Russia and Ukraine to continue their peace talks.

China has maintained that dialogue and negotiation is the only right path to resolve the Ukraine crisis. Constantly expanding wars and escalating sanctions will only complicate the problem with a higher price, the spokesperson said.

Wang also called for abandoning the simplistic "black and white" approach and rationally examining the deep-seated root causes of the Ukraine crisis to create favorable conditions for a political solution.

China will work with the international community to continue to make efforts to ease the situation, resolve the crisis and rebuild the peace, he said.

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