Are Russia and the West at a stalemate over the Ukraine crisis?

NATO leaders met in Brussels for a round of emergency summits. What will be the impact as the West provides more military support to Ukraine and imposes new sanctions on Russia?   

Rescue efforts are still underway four days after the crash, there has been no sign of survivors after a Boeing 737-800 passenger jetliner with 132 people on board nosedived into a mountainous area in southern China. What is the latest so far in the investigation into the crash, and what more do we know about the accident?

For this edition of Dialogue Weekend show, we have Victor Gao Zhikai, chair professor from Soochow University; Harvey Dzodin, senior fellow of the Center for China and Globalization; Pavel Felgenhauer, Russian defense analyst; and Mark Weiss, aviation expert and president of the Weiss Consulting Group.

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