China, Solomon Islands sign deal on security cooperation framework
Updated 20:23, 31-Mar-2022

China and the Solomon Islands have signed a deal on a security cooperation framework, the Chinese Embassy in the Solomon Islands announced on Thursday.

The security cooperation between the two countries is not directed at any third party and can complement regional structures and other countries, the embassy said in a statement.

"Relevant parties are urged to respect the sovereignty and independence of China and the Solomon Islands on their bilateral security cooperation and stop irresponsible smears and spreading misinformation," read the statement.

Wang Wenbin, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, also rejected misinformation on the cooperation between China and the Solomon Islands at a regular press briefing in Beijing on Thursday afternoon.

"The Pacific Islands are a large stage for international cooperation, neither the backyard of any country nor an arena for great power games," said Wang.

Chinese Ambassador to the Solomon Islands Li Ming and Colin Beck, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade of the Solomon Islands, "initialed the Framework Agreement Between the Government of the PRC and the Government of Solomon Islands on security cooperation" on Wednesday, according to the Chinese Embassy.

As two sovereign and independent countries, China and the Solomon Islands are committed to normal law enforcement and security cooperation based on equality, respect and mutual benefit, which conforms to international laws and customary practices, said the Chinese Embassy.

"The cooperation is conducive to stability and security of the Solomon Islands and will promote common interests of other countries in the region."

The agreement will further strengthen the bilateral cooperation between China and the Solomon Islands in areas such as disaster response, humanitarian aid, development assistance and maintaining social order to jointly address traditional and non-traditional security challenges, according to the Chinese Embassy.

"It will inject important positive energy and certainties into the security environment of the Solomon Islands and the region as a whole," it said.

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