Small appliances make life in quarantine easier in China as stay-at-home economy booms
Bi Ran

Home cooking has picked up during the pandemic as lockdowns forced many people indoors and lead them to pay more attention to their health. In the past two years, demand has been on the rise for small household appliances in China.

With self-quarantine becoming the new normal, the stay-at-home economy is booming globally. According to the Chinese National Statistics Bureau, sales of small kitchen appliances surpassed 51 billion yuan in 2021.

The pandemic has impacted people's life and behavior with many spending more time at home and opting to buy items that help them enjoy the indoors.

Zhang Jin, general manager of the Department of Small Domestic Appliances of Midea Group, told CGTN that the category of small kitchen appliances is getting more popular. "People in China have been paying more attention to their health during the pandemic, so we prioritize diet and nutrition in our designs," he said.

"Many people turned to cooking at home during the pandemic. And small appliances, which are smart, efficient, and easy-to-use can give them quality time in the kitchen. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for us, because it motivates us to innovate and come up with new designs that can meet this demand," added Zhang.

More Chinese people are making their own desserts, coffee, fruit blends and light meals using small but smart home appliances. From coffee machines and air fryers to portable steamers, sophisticated domestic appliances are winning over customers looking to add quality to their home quarantine periods.

Yang Tianyi, a food blogger, said that young people today like to create and try new recipes.

"Due to the pandemic, I've been able to spend more time at home. As a foodie, I got the chance to try out my own recipes. It's very inspiring. By using many small home appliances, like the air fryer, juicers, and pastry machines, I'm able to manage my daily diet. The right food and nutrition can strongly support one's immune system," Yang said.

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