Wang Yi: Asian countries should improve communication for regional peace

Asian countries should strengthen communication and cooperation to jointly maintain peace, stability and development in the region, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Thursday.

Wang made the remarks when talking about the Ukraine issue during a phone call with Mongolian Foreign Minister Batmunkh Battsetseg.

The spillover of the Ukraine crisis has affected the normal operation of all economies and societies, he noted before calling for closer communication and cooperation among Asian countries.

Battsetseg said her country appreciates China's role as a major country in uniting others against the COVID-19 pandemic and dealing with the crisis in Ukraine.

She spoke highly of China's commitment to promoting peace talks and providing humanitarian assistance.

The Chinese foreign minister said the more turbulent the international situation is, the more China and Mongolia, as close neighbors, should strengthen communication, enhance mutual trust and deepen cooperation.

Battsetseg said Mongolia is willing to work with China to improve communication at all levels and strengthen exchanges and cooperation in various fields.

She said it is hoped that the "green channel" of border ports between Mongolia and China can further improve their operation capacity and increase the volume of goods, effectively coping with the negative impact caused by the spillover of the crisis in Ukraine and the pandemic.

Wang said China will continue to provide anti-pandemic materials and equipment to Mongolia, support it in strengthening its prevention and control capabilities, and ensure the smooth operation of the ports.

Both sides also agreed to continue to firmly support each other in safeguarding sovereignty, security and development interests, stay clear of external interference, and promote a healthy and stable development of bilateral relations.

Battsetseg said that the Mongolian side respects the core concerns of China, and will, as always, handle its religious affairs independently.

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