China's transport regulator issues rules to ensure logistics

As some regions' rigid traffic control amid recent COVID-19 outbreak has led to a shortage in supplies, China's Ministry of Transport (MOT), together with other government departments, issued new rules to address freight difficulties. 

The meeting held on Thursday set goals of ensuring the operation of the public transport network, transport channels for emergencies, and daily necessities while cutting off the spread of the virus.

To keep the national trunk highway system flowing smoothly, coronavirus testing stops are not allowed to be set up on main highways and rest areas, and the highway rest areas should not be shut down without approval, according to an online statement released by the MOT on Saturday.

The joint meeting announced a plan to build a national transport pass system to issue passes that will be acknowledged and available across the country.

The meeting also emphasized that local governments and regulators cannot impose stringent or one-size-fits-all prevention measures.

Basic services, including food and bathroom facilities, as well as coronavirus testing, should be provided to truckers, according to the meeting.

The multiple department meeting required different regions to better coordinate information sharing.

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