Stranded, injured Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin rescued in S China

A stranded and injured dolphin was found on April 7 on the shore of Qizi Bay in south China's Hainan Province. It was transported to the Danzhou Marine Biology Research Base by the local fire department and marine animal protection association.

"The dolphin's condition is not very good at the moment. It is still in danger. It has three significant injuries. Its temperature was found to be 35.6 degrees Celsius, which is low. We gave it anti-inflammatory drugs and additional nutrition," said Li Qiangsheng, a veterinarian at the research base.

"We have also collected blood samples and will analyze the blood test results. For now, we'll clean its wounds and continue administering anti-inflammatories," he added.

The Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin's surface wounds vary in severity, and it's suffering from slight hypothermia and disorientation.

As of Saturday, the dolphin was still undergoing emergency treatment.

(Cover image via screenshot)

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