China urges U.S. to promote peace in Ukraine through practical action instead of sanctions
Updated 16:08, 11-Apr-2022

China's Foreign Ministry on Monday urged the U.S. to take practical action to facilitate peace in Ukraine's situation instead of taking profits from the turbulence.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian commented at a daily press briefing when asked about the U.S. anti-Russian sanctions over Ukraine. 

Zhao condemned the U.S. for using sanctions as a tool to preserve its hegemonic position and make illegal gains.

"Escalating sanctions are not helping to alleviate the situation but are creating new problems for a world in the midst of an epidemic," Zhao said.

Zhao reiterated China's stance on the issue and insisted that dialogue and negotiation are the only correct way to resolve the Ukraine crisis.

"We support the Russian and Ukrainian sides to overcome difficulties and continue to negotiate. We also welcome the international community's support for the Russian-Ukrainian peace talks. We encourage both sides to maintain the momentum of the negotiations and strive for results and peace," he said.

China will continue to play a constructive role in its own way to promote peace talks, the spokesperson added.

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