Shanghai adjusts COVID-19 control measures to minimize impact on people's lives

The Chinese mainland reported 1,164 new local COVID-19 cases and 26,345 asymptomatic ones on April 10. Shanghai remains the hardest hit, as the city is still under temporary closed-off management, with residents required to stay home. A new round of mass antigen testing has been carried out across the city.

To reboot parts of the city, the local government has divided residential units into three categories, consisting of 7,624 "lockdown areas" that are still sealed off, 2,460 "controlled areas" that have had no new infections for a week, and 7,565 "prevention areas" that have been opened up after two weeks of no positive cases, said Gu Honghui, deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, at a news briefing on April 11.

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