Shanghai residents can order daily supplies via WeChat 'official accounts' now
Volunteers in Shanghai unload goods for door-to-door delivery. /CFP

Volunteers in Shanghai unload goods for door-to-door delivery. /CFP

Affected by the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the demand of Shanghai locals under quarantine for daily necessities has skyrocketed. To meet the demand, social media platforms, including WeChat, have opened channels to facilitate online shopping.

Shanghai locals can leave messages asking for help, and the public accounts will help find suppliers based on their actual needs.

Residents can order vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs and milk, as well as daily maternal and child products. Even nonessential items such as coffee are also listed.

Some public accounts, such as "Shanghai CC315," have also proposed that all companies provide daily necessities, such as toilet paper, salt and condiments, among others.

Well-known convenience stores, such as Bianlifeng, and large enterprises, including Junlebao Dairy and Bright Dairy, are all offering group-buying services.

Many suppliers have set up separate contacts for each district in the city to speed up the delivery time. Residents can call and place orders according to their area, making express delivery more orderly and efficiently.

People only need to call the contact number or join the designated WeChat group to place their order. Supply information will also be continuously updated.

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