President Xi stresses poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in Hainan
Tang Bo

Maona Village, a Li ethnic village of Shuiman Town in south China's Hainan Province, has a total of 33 households with 128 people, surrounded by mountains and rivers. The special geographical conditions help bring out the sweet taste of the local large-leaf tea. Most villagers have never imagined that such an ordinary tea leaf could one day become a big wealth generator.


Many villagers say it is the rise of the local tea industry that has changed their lives. Now more than 70 percent of farmers in the village plant tea trees, and there are over 38 hectares of tea gardens in the village. Tea cultivation has become the pillar industry of the village and its tea products are sold throughout the country.

Gao Li, First Secretary of Maonao Village's Party branch, said the local authorities have been encouraging the villagers to plant more tea and helping them open up sales. Gao added that a collective economic company has been established which is more organized and can better assure the income of the villagers.

On April 11, President Xi Jinping came to Maona to learn about the village's achievements on poverty alleviation. He said during his stay there that rural revitalization work must be done in a solid and down-to-earth manner. He stressed the importance of consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation, and effectively connecting those efforts with the broader goals of rural revitalization.

It's not the first time that President Xi has visited Hainan Province. In April 2018, President Xi pointed out during his inspection in Hainan that it is necessary to implement the rural revitalization strategy, give full play to the climate advantages of tropical regions, and strengthen and optimize efficient agriculture with the area's tropical characteristics. He said it is necessary to develop rural tourism and create a boutique township featuring its tropical style.

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