CMG Documentary about 'Rongbaozhai' – Studio of Glorious Treasures starts shooting
Opening ceremony of shooting "Rongbaozhai". /CMG

Opening ceremony of shooting "Rongbaozhai". /CMG

A documentary produced by CMG about "Rongbaozhai" – the famous Studio of Glorious Treasures starts, shooting on Monday in Beijing as the time-honored studio welcomes its 350th anniversary this year. Shen Haixiong, president of China Media Group (CMG), attended the opening event.

The large-scale documentary about Rongbaozhai will comprehensively show its long history and cultural heritage over the past 350 years and interpret it from multiple perspectives.

In its 350-year history, Rongbaozhai, a well-known and time-honored shop operating the Four Treasures of the Study (writing brush, ink stick, paper, and ink-slab), has expanded its business scope to mounting, purchasing works from famous artists, and hosts many art exhibitions. It has enhanced cultural exchanges and business contacts at home and abroad.

Over the past few decades, Rongbaozhai has undergone several changes but keeps adhering to the purpose of promoting national culture, dedicatedly serving calligraphers and painters.

"The documentary will refine and display the Chinese story of passing on excellent traditional culture, enhancing cultural consciousness, and strengthening cultural confidence," said Xue Jijun, chairman and president of the China International Television Corporation.

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