Ancient wisteria in the Forbidden City welcomes its blooming season

Twirling and climbing, the old wisteria roots in Yonghe Palace of the Forbidden City have merged with an old dead cypress. After the Grain Rain, the sixth Chinese solar term, the wisteria is in full bloom, decorating the ancient palace with clusters of large flowers and sweet fragrance.

The dead cypress supports the vine, allowing it to grow and flower year after year as if the old tree has never died.

From the birth of Emperor Yongzheng in 1678 to the last emperor expelled from the palace, this wisteria has witnessed the changes in history.

Sitting in the yard and smelling the aroma of the wisteria, people can enjoy the peaceful spring and the everlasting charm of the plants and the palace.

(Video and images by CGTN's Wang Yuqiang)

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