Blue-tailed Bee-eater Series | Episode 1: The return

Located in the dry-hot valley of the Jinsha River in Qiaojia County in China's Yunnan Province, is one of the earliest places that embrace summer in China. In May, thousands of Blue-tailed bee-eaters arrive from the sea. Flying thousands of miles, they are here for one mission. Check out the video to see more about this beautiful bird. 

About 'Journeys in Nature': Blue-tailed bee-eater series

The Blue-tailed bee-eater is a colorful and slender bird. It is predominantly green. The bird is usually found near water. China is home to seven bee-eater species. The Blue-tailed bee-eater got its Chinese name "li hou feng hu" for the maroon feathers on the throat. The iridescent plumage often dubs it the "most beautiful bird."

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