China will keep staying 'on highest alert' amid COVID-19: immigration authority
Sun Ye
People queue up for COVID-19 tests in Shanghai, China. /CFP

People queue up for COVID-19 tests in Shanghai, China. /CFP

China National Immigration Administration (NIA) said Wednesday that it will continue to stay "on the highest alert" and not sway on cross-border management policies in light of the current COVID situation.

Chen Jie, the spokesperson for NIA said that the administration will "unswervingly implement" the dynamic zero-COVID policy and fend off risks coming from out of China. He also said the administration will continue to help maintain a stable global supply chain and regular communication with overseas.

"Our border immigration institutions have remained on the highest alert. We have stayed on the strictest patrol and check up processes on fending off illegal cross-border activities." Chen said. "We have worked to ensure the custom clearance activities work smoothly and orderly."

Chen also said the administration has continued to help stabilize the economy, business needs, the supply chain, as well as other needs.

Chen said, "After outbreaks in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai, local immigration institutions have pooled together to make sure normal operation, opening up fast channels for medical and other supplies, facilitating international cargo passage."

China has been rocked by a nationwide resurgence of COVID-19 since the beginning of this year, with Shanghai, the country's financial hub, being hit the worst.

NIA said that in the first quarter of 2022, 30.094 million cross-border trips were made, with 14.62 million trips by Chinese nationals.

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