The Colors of Nature: Do you like the color red?
Updated 16:21, 06-May-2022

Yuncheng salt lake in north China's Shanxi Province is an ancient inland salt lake. Formed about 500 million years ago, it is the world's third largest sodium sulphate inland lake. The water in the lake turns to orange and red due to the high salinity. 

The vivid color is produced by a micro-algae called Dunaliella salina, which can produce elements such as carotene, which is what looks red. This algae usually grows in salt lakes because it is a halophile, a "salt-loving" organism.

The Colors of Nature

Nature has a lot of colors. Which is your favorite color? This series offers a sensory experience by combining music, color and natural scenery together. Join to explore the beauty of colors in nature. 

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