John Lee vows to start a new chapter for Hong Kong
Updated 18:51, 08-May-2022

China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Chief Executive-designate John Lee on Sunday vowed to start a new chapter for Hong Kong. 

In his first press conference after winning the sixth-term chief executive election, with 1,416 votes in favor of him, Lee said the high degree of support shown has given him "strong confidence" that his approach to governance has widespread support. 

The former chief secretary for administration promised that he would be "loyal and resolute in carrying out the historic mission and shoulder the great responsibility to unite and lead the 7.4 million Hong Kong residents to open a new chapter for Hong Kong."

He pledged to unify the HKSAR, bring a new culture of bold thinking to government, and address deep-rooted problems that he said have plagued the region for years. 

"I do understand there will be a time that is needed for me to convince the people," Lee said, "but I can do that by action so that when they see results, they somehow will know that well, at least, he is trying his best, and I hope that by accumulating successes after another success, then I can get them to be convinced that what I'm trying to do is for the best of Hong Kong." 

He reiterated that his priorities will be to improve the living environment for Hong Kong residents, adding he will also emphasize ramping up the production of housing, and building a caring and inclusive society with more upward mobility opportunities for the youth of Hong Kong. 

"My government will be determined to confront the well-entrenched issues that have faced Hong Kong for many years, take decisive steps and adopt efficient and effective actions to resolve them," Lee stressed. 

"I look forward to all of us starting a new chapter together, building a Hong Kong that is caring, open and vibrant, and a Hong Kong that is full of hope, opportunities and harmony," he said. 

Lee also promised to enhance Hong Kong's status as an international metropolis by further expanding its international connectivity and creating a more favorable business environment. 

"I'm very conscious of the need to make Hong Kong accessible to the world and also it is an important thing for Hong Kong to be able to resume normal travel with the mainland," he said when asked if he would adopt a different approach to tackle the COVID-19 epidemic. 

After being appointed by the Central People's Government, the chief executive-designate will take the oath of office on July 1. 

With less than two months left before taking office, Lee said he'll start work immediately to form a new governing team comprised of passionate and committed individuals who are capable and experienced to work towards implementing his manifesto.

His election manifesto contains four main promises: to strengthen governance capability and tackle pressing livelihood issues together; to streamline procedures and provide more housing and better living; to enhance overall competitiveness and pursue sustainable development; and to build a caring and inclusive society and enhance upward mobility for young people.

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