Bronze art master: Zhu Bingren brings new vitality to ancient craft
Updated 16:31, 11-May-2022

Bronze holds a special meaning in Chinese culture. The Bronze Age, starting around 1700 BC, had a profound impact on the development of civilization in the nation. In our special four-part series, we will follow one of China’s most well-known bronze art masters, Zhu Bingren. His innovative ideas have helped to bring new vitality to this ancient craft. In the first episode, we go back to the beginning of his journey, to see how his family tradition of making bronzeware has influenced his artistic works.

Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, boasts the most bronze architecture in China. People can board a traditional cruise ship on the West Lake or view the exquisite decorations at Lingyin Temple. And the man behind all these bronze wonders is none other than veteran artisan Zhu Bingren.

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