Exotic animals displayed at Pet Expo 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

The Pet Expo 2022 event had the theme of the 'Petaverse' with hundreds of stalls showcasing technology to help owners care for their beloved companions. Exotic animals displayed at the show to encourage their uptake as pets included snakes, lizards, spiders, frogs, parrots, and owls. One of the highlights was the 'Buddyverse,' a tech creation that uses digital technologies to explore the digital world with their own avatars to interact with virtual pets.

Firms are offering pet spas, hotels, hospitals, clinics and wellness centers for animals, while leading brands are selling pet food, medical supplies, and supplements. Organizers of the pet fair said the Petaverse concept comes amid a rise in gadgets used by owners to care for their animals. They include smart collars that detect a pet's pulse, heart rate, sleep quality, temperature, and illness.

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