Everlasting Classics: Chinese singer presents musical rendition of ancient poem
Updated 22:47, 16-May-2022

Chinese singer Aska Yang has performed a musical rendition of an ancient poem on the stage of the variety show "Everlasting Classics."

The lyrics are from the poem called "The Charm of a Maiden Singer – Mid-Autumn" written by Su Shi, a well-known poet of the Song Dynasty. When Su Shi wrote this poem, he was demoted and assigned a nominal official to work in Huangzhou (now a district in Huanggang, Hubei Province) by the Yangtze River.

This poem was written at a Mid-Autumn Festival; he gazes at the moon and thinks about the ups and downs of his own life. It expresses the poet's yearning and pursuit of the beautiful realm of freedom.

The fifth season of "Everlasting Classics" premiered on China Central Television on April 3, 2022. The show has gained popularity since its first season in 2018 by interpreting traditional Chinese literature and poetry in a modern way.

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