Chinese 'Exploration 2' initiates second-phase scientific sea trial
Updated 12:43, 16-May-2022

Chinese scientific research vessel Exploration-2, or Tansuo-2, set out from the coastal city of Sanya in south China's Hainan Province on Sunday to undertake its second-segment sea trail of 2022 deep-sea in-situ scientific experiment station.

Carrying the deep-sea manned submersible "Deep Sea Warrior," Exploration-2 returned home on May 11 after completing a trial mission of a deep-sea in-situ laboratory in the South China Sea.


Watch: 'Deep Sea Warrior' completes sea trial mission in South China Sea

Aiming to verify the underwater performance and long-term operation reliability of the system, the laboratory is equipped with a number of high-end sensing and detection equipment, including a deep-sea MEMS gas chromatograph, a deep-sea spectrometer and a deep-sea mass spectrometer.

During the expedition, a number of important fluid, sediment and biological samples were obtained in the "Haima" cold spring area and two active cold spring areas to its northeast. Meanwhile, the in-situ laboratory also carried out a 72-hour observation of the fluid composition and microbial community at one hole of cold spring fluid leakage.

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