Jiangxi Yifeng Series | Ep. 2: Hardleaf oatchestnut

At the break of dawn, a silent village on a green mountain awakes. Located in east China's Jiangxi Province, it's called Pingxi Village. A Fengshui forest on the Luanlin Mountain is like a crescent embracing the village. For hundreds of years, the village and the forest have lived together in harmony. 

Locals often pick the fruit of the hardleaf oatchestnut to make tofu in autumn. The fruit looks very much like a chestnut. The kernel, rich in starch, can be made into tofu. 

About 'Journeys in Nature': Jiangxi Yifeng Series

Yifeng County in China's Jiangxi Province belongs to the subtropical warm and humid climate zone. Its average annual temperature is around 17.2 degrees Celsius. The county is known as one of homes of bamboo in China. Nearly a third of the county's area is covered by Moso bamboo forests.

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