Commerce ministry calls on U.S. to lift all tariffs against China
Updated 21:45, 09-Jun-2022

China has called for the removal of all U.S. tariffs against China in the interest of businesses and consumers amid high global inflation, said Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Shu Jueting on Thursday.

Shu made the remarks in response to U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo's comment that the Biden administration is weighing lifting tariffs on China.

"There are other products – household goods, bicycles, etc. – and it may make sense" to weigh lifting tariffs on those, Raimondo told CNN in an interview on Sunday, adding that the administration has decided to keep some tariffs on steel and aluminum in place to protect American workers and the steel industry.

The Biden administration is looking to "reconfigure" tariffs imposed on Chinese goods under former President Donald Trump to make them more "strategic," U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told lawmakers on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, Bloomberg reported. 

"This administration inherited a set of 301 tariffs imposed by the Trump administration that I think really weren't designed to serve our strategic interests," she said. 

Some of the existing tariffs have hurt American consumers and businesses, Yellen said, adding that the reductions "could help to bring down the prices of things that people buy that are burdensome."

Reeling from the global supply chain shocks induced by the COVID-19 pandemic and weighed down by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, U.S. inflation has come to a nearly 40-year high, driven by the high-flying price of energy and food.

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