All about weather: China's hottest cities in July

What is the hottest spot in July? China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has provided us a forecast by analyzing its data. There are standards in meteorology in terms of "high temperature". Temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius are known as "high temperature," and people will feel uncomfortable in this kind of situation. 

In China, Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province, and Fuzhou City in Fujian Province suffer the most high temperature days in July with more than 15 days on average. Do you want to know where to spend a cool summer? Check out the video to learn more.

All about weather

This new series opens you a window about China's weather and climate. By using database from China Meteorological Administration (CMA), we not only provide weather forecasts and analyzes, but also unveil some fantastic meteorological phenomena.

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(Video provided by CMA, cover image designed by CGTN's Li jingjie)

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