Tech Please: Why Samsung doesn't 'sing' anymore in China
Updated 15:59, 23-Jun-2022

Editor's note: "Tech Please!" takes a sideways look at all things science and technology in China, revealing trends that you won't hear about anywhere else – from cutting-edge developments to the bizarre and whimsical in the world's most exciting tech market.

Samsung smartphones used to be called "the emperor of all phones" in China before the company lost in the competition with local brands.

In its heyday from 2012 to 2018, Samsung dominated the world smartphone market by shipment volume. That's also true in China back in 2012, with Samsung's market share reached more than 20 percent.

But after the ROM chip incident on Galaxy S3 and Note2, lots of Chinese buyers lost faith in the brand's quality control. This idea spread to more people when Samsung failed to meet users' expectations during the Note7 battery incident in 2016.

Many market data companies said Samsung's share in 2017 fell to less than one percent in the Chinese mainland. This embarrassing performance hasn't changed since. There are reports in China that many teenagers in the country don't know Samsung makes smartphones.

Watch the video to know more about why Samsung smartphones are no longer so attractive.

Filmed by: Qi Jianqiang

Video editor: Qi Jianqiang

International editor: Nadim Diab, Moosa Abbas, John Goodrich

Management editor: Wang Mingyan

Chief editor: Wu Gang, Qin Xiaohu

Producer: Wen Yaru

Director: Zhang Shilei

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