Tibetan partridge seen in SW China as eco-environment improves
Updated 17:33, 27-Jun-2022

A pair of Tibetan partridges were spotted in a rural area recently in Shiqu County in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Sichuan Province.

Tibetan partridges (Perdix hodgsoniae) inhabit alpine bare rock, alpine tundra, and subalpine scrub at altitudes of 2500-5000 meters. Living in an alpine environment, they are less affected by human activities than other partridge species. However, the total population of this species is not too large and should be protected.

In recent years, the county has been devoted to preserving biodiversity and improving the conservation of wild animals and wetlands.

Local people can witness rare animal species such as white-lipped deer, snow leopards and bears.

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